Image Tiling WebApp

This is a small utility to make a new image in png format from a randomized arrangement of ‘tiles’ (rectangular subportions) from a tileset image, such as those you can find on, although it can be used with generic source images as well. It will display the source image with each selected tile outlined by a 2px highlight above the randomized output image. It updates whenever you change the selected tileset image.

The tile width and height are treated as the same across the entire image. You indicate which tiles out of the image you wish to use in the ‘List of Tiles to Use’ field, with each tile selected by giving its column & row values separated by a comma “,”, and each tile entry separated by a space “ “ character, zero-indexed. ‘Column’ and ‘row’ here refers to how many tile-widths over & tile-heights down to look from the starting upper left corner of the tileset image. Ie, to use the first two tiles from the upper-leftmost corner of the tileset, you would enter:

0,0 1,0

While to use the two left-most tiles from the top two rows of the tileset image, you would enter:

0,0 1,0 0,1 1,1

Repeating an entry in the list will increase its likelihood of appearing.

Tile Width in Pixels:
Tile Height in Pixels:
Output Width in Tiles:
Output Height in Tiles:
List of Tiles to Use:
Tileset Image:

Input Image Tiles:

PNG Output:

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