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This is a small utility to make ASCII text images.

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Universal Windows 10 Mobile Barcode Scanner

We’ve shipped our first line of business application for Windows 10 Mobile built on the Universal Windows Platform: a optical barcode scanner that uses your Windows cellphone’s camera to optically scan barcodes, record a list of the numeric results, and email that list to whomever you want.

We built this for a client in Mississippi who wanted his staff to be able to easily scan inventory barcodes using the phones they already had, instead of needing to carry another piece of equipment.

Availble now on the Microsoft Windows App Store!

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Movies After Removing One Letter From Their Title

These are random selections from the results of the following game played by a group of friends:

Take a movie title, remove one letter, what is the new plot?

Press the ‘Get a Film’ button to fetch a title at random. There are well over 100.




Quick Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Median Income Test Calculator

This is a quick Median Income Test calculator to evaluate eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as determined on Form 122A-1. This uses state income data starting on November 1, 2015 from, and was last updated Feb. 16, 2016.

Enter the debtor’s TOTAL Average Gross Monthly Income (Pre-Tax) for the prior six (6) months, choose the state in which the debtor resides, enter the number of people in the household, and then click ‘Submit’.

Total Income for Past Six Months:
Household Size:


Presidential Electability Calculator

This outputs an electability comparison of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders based on aggregate polling data from and aggregate betting market odds of winning the Republican primary from

It multiplies each Democratic candidate’s combined polling advantage or disadvantage versus a given Republican candidate in the general election as reported by RealClearPolitics, against that Republican candidate’s odds of winning the Republican nomination from ElectionBettingOdds, then adds all of these advantages (a disadvantage is subtracted) together and returns the total as a percentage.

Not every republican candidate is factored in, because RealClearPolitics’ data set does not include polling data for Sanders versus every Republican. Data current as of Feb. 15, 2016, scraped using

Bernie Sanders Weighted Polling Advantage:

Opponent Winner Spread

Hillary Clinton Weighted Polling Advantage:

Opponent Winner Spread

Republican Candidates' Odds of Winning the Nomination

Candidate Odds